December 1, 2023

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SONY Vision-S: Asymmetric Effort In Mobility Solutions From E-Technology Giant

SONY Vision-S first time worldwide reveal at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Image Credit: Stefan Pagnani (2020)

SONY Vision-S: Asymmetric Effort In Mobility Solutions From E-Technology Giant

The SONY Vision-S which had its worldwide debut at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in Las Vegas came, to many, as quite a surprise. Not so much that automobiles are becoming more of an item at CES, but using CES as a platform to introduce a wholly new problems solving effort in transportation by an electronic solutions giant and not using the Los Angeles Auto Show a month earlier where the company would be able to gain traction with the Automobile industry.

DSC05428 - EditedThe SONY Vision-S EV concept car designed more what is integrated throughout the platform than the car platform, itself. This is an effort about the sum of all parts.  Image Credit: Edmund Jenks

Very interesting and asymmetric as a strategy in market introduction – especially in a market where the company does not have a history in this market as a core competency.

SONY Vision-S >>>

This Concept Car may never be a production car as it acts as a grand theater platform integrated within all the motor culture that SONY wishes to participate.

However, the SONY concepts of SAFETY | ENTERTAINMENT | ADAPTABILITY will be integrated into one’s mobility/driving experience in a car that one may purchase sooner than one thinks – albeit wrapped in a more recognizable automaker badge.

We find ourselves in an age where the cars of the future, once visible only in our imagination, are finally becoming a reality.

It is not only hardware in the form of cars that is changing. The conventions of our daily lives and society are also being transformed.

DSC05419Worldwide introduction of the SONY Concept Car named the Vision-S. This platform represents a masterful job at creating attention, at the same time, providing an environment to showcase sensor, camera, and audio/video entertainment options working in concert during an imagined mobility experience. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2020)

Sony wanted to communicate re-imagined mobility as we knew it could be. How can we inspire people through mobility? How can we provide greater peace of mind? How can we contribute to society and the environment?

Sony exists as a citizen of society and the Earth. We believe that new human lifestyles exist beyond the realms of new mobility. Sony will work directly toward that ideal.

DSC05502Interior display array presents a moveable feast of information and entertainment options for all who are in the cabin cocoon of the concept Vision-S. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2020)

In order to communicate the thinking behind SONY engineering developments, a platform in the form of a concept car named the SONY Vision-S has come to life to showcase, in a truly controlled environment, the safety, information, entertainment, and sound solutions that can aid, as well as bring to life, SONY Corporation’s biggest electronics-based communications strengths.

Sony will open up a new world of mobility using its visions in creativity and technology.

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