September 22, 2023

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Karma Joins The Alliance For Automotive Innovation

Image Credit: Karma

Karma Joins The Alliance For Automotive Innovation

  • Karma Becomes First Member Added to Auto Industry’s Newly United Advocacy Group
  • Partnership Cemented by Shared Commitment to Growing Innovation, Technology and Business Models Essential for Personal Mobility Solutions
  • Karma Adds Important Entrepreneurial Start-Up Perspective to Key Public Policy Development Efforts

Karma, the Southern California-based high-tech mobility incubator and creator of luxury electric vehicles, and the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, the singular, authoritative and respected voice of the automotive industry, today announced the company has joined the organization as its newest member. With a shared focus on innovation, technology and growth, Karma’s addition directly supports the Alliance for Automotive Innovation’s effort to build a path to cleaner, safer and smarter personal mobility solutions.


“Being part of the Alliance for Automotive Innovation significantly amplifies Karma’s voice supporting policies that encourage the technical excellence needed to build future personal transportation solutions,” said Karma CEO Dr. Lance Zhou. “Karma is a high-tech incubator; an open platform, a test bed for emerging innovation, and a supplier to others who need our engineering, design, customization and manufacturing resources to speed their product development or access to technology.”

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation and Karma’s membership announcement comes just two weeks after the association’s introduction at the Consumer Electronics Show, a fitting backdrop given the tremendous impact innovative technologies and ecosystems are having on today’s dynamic automotive industry. The organization works to ensure decision makers at regulatory and legislative levels have a clear understanding of the industry’s need for freedom to technically innovate and grow positive outcomes for its customers and their constituents.

“The Alliance for Automotive Innovation is specifically focused on guiding the U.S. industry through the most significant policy and technology shifts in its existence,” said John Bozzella, president and CEO of Alliance for Automotive Innovation. “The addition of Karma to our membership supports our effort to champion new sensing, imaging, connectivity, electrification, and other technologies that will transform our personal transportation solutions.”

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation was created by the combination of The Association of Global Automakers and The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and includes all members from both groups. The new organization is actively recruiting new personal mobility and technology companies, including new entrants, such as Karma, to the auto sector focused on self-driving, electrified and connected vehicles.

“Karma was drawn to the newly formed Alliance for Automotive Innovation because we both recognize and embrace a future automotive landscape driven by innovation and technology; one in which partnerships with startups, academia, service providers and developers help speed the kind of product development required to solve the personal mobility challenges we face today,” Zhou said. “We look forward to adding an important technology-focused start-up voice to the Alliance’s united front and collaborating with its forward-thinking member partners.”

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