December 1, 2023

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Transitional Times Affect Suppliers As Well As Automakers

Transitional Times Affect Suppliers As Well As Automakers

by Gerry Malloy

Fast-moving industry trends are having a major impact on the future plans of the world’s automakers.

Fast-moving industry trends such as electromobility, autonomous driving and car sharing are having a major impact on the future plans, and finances, of the world’s automakers. Those impacts are being exacerbated by regulations designed to combat climate change that forcibly accelerate the rate of change well beyond the evolutionary pace that has long been the auto industry norm. And the impacts extend all the way from the shop floor to the boardroom.

As a result, the industry is in a transitional period that necessitates rapid development of new systems and solutions at the same time it must maintain all its normal functions and operations. It’s a tall order and it’s not just the automakers themselves that must adapt. So too must their suppliers.

There is a growing demand for components designed to make vehicles significantly lighter, quieter and more environmentally-friendly, while also enhancing driving comfort and keeping vehicles affordable. A tall order indeed!

As the global market and technology leader in acoustic and thermal management for vehicles, our long-time World Car Awards partner Autoneum does not only develop and manufacture innovative components for noise and heat protection, but also supports OEM partners in finding the perfect acoustic package for any car model. The world’s first online configurator ‘Acoustic Garage’ from Autoneum ( helps predict and optimize the vehicle noise protection package already in the concept phase. ‘Acoustic Garage’ provides a step-by-step process to guide engineers from the basics of acoustic development to advanced customizations, using the company’s latest simulation methods.

The designated steps include identifying specific body-styles and power sources – IC engine, hybrid, or battery- electric – then comparing the acoustic performance of different pre-set sound packages specifically designed for the configuration. The final step is customizing that package to suit the individual needs and desires of the customer.

It’s a highly collaborative process that exemplifies the integrated relationship necessary between suppliers and automakers in today’s fast-paced environment. And its evidence that, as innovation leader in acoustic and thermal management, Autoneum is already working today to translate its expertise in research and development into products and technologies that meet the requirements of future mobility.

World Car Awards is proud to be associated with this progressive and innovative partner. More information on Autoneum and its products is available at

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