December 1, 2023

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Electro “Little Giant” Posts 353mph Bonneville Run & Earns Bragging Rights As World’s Fastest

Little Giant lakes streamliner at Bonneville. Image Credit: reVolt Systems (2021)

Electro “Little Giant” Posts 353mph Bonneville Run & Earns Bragging Rights
As World’s Fastest

On October 1, 2021, a Rockville, Utah based business named Team Vesco, pioneers in the field of  automotive and motorcycle racing and record-setting, joined forces with Oceanside, California’s reVolt Systems led by Eddy Borysewicz, set a new speed mark for electric-powered vehicles.
Team Vesco 444 reVolt Systems streamliner, dubbed “Little Giant” driven by New York City resident Eric Ritter, crushed the National Electric E3 Record twice! First, with a respectable 322mph mark, followed 24-hours later, on Friday, October 1st, clocking a blistering 353mph average — 12 miles-per-hour faster than the current World Record!
Together with significant contributions from American Track Roadster’s Greg Peek and engineering from Trenton Wonsley, the team demonstrated to the world that electric vehicle technology is the powertrain technology to watch.
“Little Giant” parked some big records on the salt” said Team owner Rick Vesco. “We are excited about the future of electric vehicles and happy to be a part of shattering the notion that electric cars are slow!”
Borysewicz, of reVolt, learned about not being afraid to do something that has never been done when he loaded in 1,152 prismatic lithium ion batteries and heavily modified pair of Tesla motors.
“Nobody got paid in dollars, only satisfaction,” confessed Eddy B. “We worked equally on the powertrain as we did good team communications so as to function together, recognizing there was no time for major mistakes.”
Driver Ritter enthused: “What an incredible ride! The torque off the starting line — it’s a monster — it bolts without hesitation and keeps pulling, non-stop. Our time slips tell the story, with the 357mph top speed, that 400 is a now a reality, no longer just a dream.”
Power conversion team for the Little Giant from right to left – Trenton Wonsley, Eddy Borysewicz, Al Vershave. Image Credit: Haley Wonsley (2021)
Peek was responsible for the design and build complex powertrain section that connects the motors together and then sends the necessary energy to the driveline, out to the wheels.
“In design, you start with things that you know and the things you don’t, then fill in the blanks and connect the dots,” Explained hot rod veteran Peek. “The main parts had to go through six complex processes to end up with something useful and reliable. You can go for cheap or go for bullet proof. I think our new National record shows which one we chose.”
The 444 attained both National E3 Class Records in only four runs down the racecourse. All records require 2 runs that are averaged to the record speed, but World Records have the added requirement of completing both runs within 60 minutes. The “reVolting” Little Giant’s battery pack was recharged with solar power using a Tier 4 solar trailer.
Noteworthy is that Don Vesco’s current 458mph FIA World Record driving the Turbinator and yet Dave Spangler vanquished the international number by recording a 482mph National Record in 2018 when posting a one-way eye-popping 503mph in Turbinator II.
Other bright spark contributors were Al Vershave of AVS Fabrication, Jon Amo of Gates Belts, Nick Katrov of NDK Paragon, Andrew Char, and Gregg Snow.
[ht: Louise Noeth – LandSpeed Productions] 
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