December 1, 2023

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Porsche Pushes Autonomy With Sleek & Spyderesque Project 411 Concept

Porsche has pledged to electrify half its fleet in the next five years after the Macan SUV goes gas-less. Artists Hussain Almossawi of Mossawi Studios and Marin Myftiu already have an idea of what an all-electric 911  could be through Project 411 Concept. Image Credit:  Hussain Almossawi/Marin Myftiu (2021)

Porsche Pushes Autonomy With Sleek & Spyderesque Project 411 Concept

Future visions of the day, places a high value on charging to the issue of mobility through the alternative power supply of electricity and to have these crafts be technologically smart enough to be autonomous – so begins the evolution of the next age in the Porsche 911 through Project 411 Concept.
This excerpted and edited from MAXIM as observed through an article published in the Robb Report –
The autonomous Project 411 is to cruise at speeds of up to 250 mph on a fantastical future roadway – By: BRANDON FRIEDERICH – MAXIM – SEP 23, 2020
The concept, dubbed Project 411, was rendered as tribute to the 911 Spyder for Italian prototyping  company NCS, as Robb Report notes.
Arrow Blue Porsche 918 Spyder as it appeared in a GT Spirit notice about this 2015 Weissach package enhanced single ownership
918 Spyder going to auction through the services of RM Sotheby’s at Villa Erba. Image Credit: RM Sotheby via GT Spirit (2017)


The presence of DNA from the German’s marque’s most iconic model isn’t necessarily obvious—a case could be made that the body, with its sleek bubbly roof and prominent wheel arches, looks more like a futuristic Taycan. But the duo claims that there are 50s/60s-era cues design as well, such as headlights that are aligned with the front wheels and smoothly wrapped bodywork.

Project 411 Concept. Image Credit:  Hussain Almossawi/Marin Myftiu (2021)
This effort has lofty goals …
Project 411 would also be a fully autonomous vehicle. Without the potential for human error, the “luxury highway cruiser” would supposedly be able to safely travel at up to 250 mph over long distances. An on-the-go inductive charging system that employs charging strips on the roadway would maximize range. Keep in mind, this all takes place in a fantastical future.
Project 411 Concept. Image Credit:  Hussain Almossawi/Marin Myftiu (2021)
Images show a sparse-but-elegant interior, with the seats and door panels covered in a flowing ribbed  material, as well as a gold-trimmed steering wheel. Renders of a racing variant are accompanied by text that reads “the original design of the P411, from mechanics to tires, is all about smooth acceleration and straight-line efficiency. However, it will allow for a little stress in curves, adding some real fun in the driven mode.”
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Project 411 Concept. Image Credit:  Hussain Almossawi/Marin Myftiu (2021)
This Excerpted and edited from the ROBB REPORT –
This Insane All-Electric Porsche 411 Concept Would Recharge Itself While Driving It’s blends the marque’s past and future.
Ferdinand Porsche once said, “I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.” Following in the footsteps of the pioneering Porsche founder, artists Hussain Almossawi and Marin Myftiu have designed a next-gen 911 concept from their imagined future.
The duo designed the supercar, which has been dubbed Project 411, for Italian prototyping company NCS, and it’s a drastic departure from the marque’s current design language. It’s a self-driving electric speedster that’s lightning quick and quite unlike anything we’ve seen. In fact, Almossawi and Myftiu have even categorized it as a new class of vehicle: “the luxury highway cruiser.”
The fantastical four-wheeler is loosely based on the beloved 911 Spyder, as well as the classic rides of the ‘50s and ‘60s, and it gives off serious Blade Runner vibes. The designers also went the extra mile and envisioned the futuristic world in which the car resides. That is one where autonomous driving has been perfected and high-powered beasts, like the 411, can sprint down the highway at speeds in excess of 250 mph.
To achieve that blistering speed, the 411 has been designed with aerodynamics in mind. It features large venturi tunnels to channel air from the front to the back, along with an adjustable wing and a diffuser to suck the supercar to the tarmac.
Project 411 Concept. Image Credit:  Hussain Almossawi/Marin Myftiu (2021)
The all-electric beast could be juiced up on-the-go, too. Almossawi and  Myftiu have conceived inductive charging strips that are built under the roads and power the ride while it’s in motion. This tech would allow the 411 to run on a much smaller battery and improve the vehicle’s weight and driving dynamics.
Obviously, we’re a ways off from seeing this concept come to fruition, but no doubt ol’ Ferdinand would  appreciate the chutzpah the designers have shown.

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Despite the later successes and established iconic design, the 911 Spyder remains for Porsche, and the whole automotive landscape, a sort of unicorn; an un-replicated, dreamlike beast.
Project 411 Concept attempts to accept the overall challenge of rethinking this iconic Porsche 911 design.
… notes from The EDJE

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