December 2, 2023

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Ten Electric Days Across America Kicks Off On Halloween Day 2021

MattHardigree – @MattHardigree – Big morning! A cross-country EV challenge! #chargeacrossamerica follow @Park_My_Fleet and @BCBrownell and @thekilometers to see who wins! 7:13 AM · Oct 31, 2021·Twitter for iPhone

Ten Electric Days Across America Kicks Off On Halloween Day 2021

Today is the day that the first time challenge of Charge Across America (CAA) kicks off operating under the name “NYC to LA In Ten Electric Days | October 31st – November 9th, 2021” in an effort to demystify 100% electric-powered vehicles.
Graphic Credit: Charge Across America (2021)
Charge Across America has put together a rally style event that, in this first challenge, has put together five diverse teams of vehicles and drivers to “race” electric-powered across the United States starting from the Revel facility (a partner) in Brooklyn, New York and ending ten days later through Los Angeles to the Ventura County location of Westlake Autoscape, a luxury motor-culture social club near Thousand Oaks West of the San Fernando Valley.

Team Names & Vehicles Piloted: What’s Watt – Ford Mustang Mach E | Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Polestar 2 | Who’s In Charge – Porsche Taycan | Neon Nomads – Porsche Taycan | Volt Meisters – Volkswagen ID.4.
Graphic Credit: Charge Across America (2021)
Along the way at an early midpoint (given distance), the teams will hold the first of two race course press receptions that will highlight interest partners in the Charge Across America focused effort.
Detroit, Michigan:
A location picked because Detroit continues to be a leader in the mobility ecosystem through the efforts of the Michigan Office of Future Mobility in connecting key people, places, and resources across the state and DTE, the local utility, seeks to serve and educate southeast Michigan citizens on the future of energy. These government and municipal entities have teamed with Thirdware, a leader in enterprise applications with ties to OEMs in the industry, to leverage those connections and host a huge splash event on November 1st, 2021.
Vegas Speedway, Las Vegas, Nevada:
Lithium Americas, a vanguard lithium provider, has teamed with other mining (Ioneer, Comstock), Manufacturing (Albemarle, Panasonic), and Recycling (American Battery) to host a keystone reception on November 8th, 2021, at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This event will bring together these industry experts and guest speakers, including the Governor, Stephen F. Sisolak and Senior Senator Catherine Marie Cortez Masto.
Along the way, this whole challenge will be documented by production house TangentVector – a CAA official production partner. TangentVector is an award-winning production company behind groundbreaking films made for NBC, Universal, Netflix, Discovery, and Hagerty. TangentVector, which focuses its pursuits solely on the automotive space, will film every mile of CAA and produce a one-hour documentary about this groundbreaking race. TangentVector is auspiciously poised to tell the Charge Across America story with more than a decade of experience in video production, pertaining to thrilling developments and events within the automotive industry.
Looking forward for more updates along the way.
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