December 2, 2023

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Formula E: UNPLUGGED Goes Live, Free To View On YouTube & META/Facebook

FIA Formula E offers up a chance for anyone to become familiar with the highest professional level in motorsports racing and culture with this newly announced placement of racing content titled Formula E: UNPLUGGED through two common social media platforms. Image Credit: FIA Formula E (2021)

Formula E: UNPLUGGED Goes Live, Free To View On YouTube & META/Facebook

Formula E today launches a new short-form episodic documentary series, Formula E: Unplugged, with all episodes free to view on Formula E’s YouTube and Facebook pages at

The 15-episode x 15-minute series takes viewers through Season 7 of the ABB FIA Formula E World  Championship, revealing what it takes to deliver international motorsport against the backdrop of challenges imposed by the global pandemic.

Viewers will see how drivers, engineers, team crews and executives are pushed to the limit in Formula E’s first season operating as an official motorsport FIA World Championship. From the season opener in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia to the climax in Berlin via Rome, Valencia, Monaco, Puebla (Mexico), New York and
London, the Formula E: Unplugged cameras capture the triumphs and challenges of life in the Formula E paddock.

Season 7 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship attracted record-breaking international TV audiences for the live race broadcasts. Formula E: Unplugged delivers a new perspective with original content from the garages and driver interviews in addition to racing action.

The ABB FIA Formula E Championship returned to New York City for another round of close combat, wheel-to-wheel all-electric racing.
Watch 24 cars and drivers rip around the raw streets of Brooklyn in the shadow of Manhattan’s majestic skyline on the new Formula E:
UNPLUGGED. Image Credit: FIA Formula E (2021)

Aarti Dabas, Chief Media Officer at Formula E, said: “We are delighted to release Formula E: Unplugged, a new window into the world’s first all-electric motorsport.

“Formula E: Unplugged offers an honest and unfiltered look behind the scenes at Formula E during its first campaign as an FIA World Championship. It’s about the people who make up our sport, with a spotlight on their stories from a unique season in motorsport.

“Whether viewers are long-time fans of Formula E, motorsport followers curious about electric racing, or simply intrigued to find out more about our world, Formula E: Unplugged will offer a new perspective on our teams and drivers as they navigate the season on and off the track.”

Season 8 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship begins in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, on January 28 and 29 and will feature 16 races in 12 iconic world cities including Jakarta, Vancouver, Mexico City and London before concluding in Seoul, South Korea in August.
[ht: ABB FIA Formula E World Championship]

– Viewers will get an all-access look behind the scenes of the world’s first all-electric motorsport, the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship

– Formula E: Unplugged follows the teams and drivers through the dramatic first season as an FIA World Championship

– All 15 episodes of Formula E: Unplugged are free to watch on YouTube and Facebook starting Monday, 22 November at 16:00 GMT.

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