December 2, 2023

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LUCID Raises The Luxury Bar On A Series Of Sophisticated EV Rides

LUCID Raises The Luxury Bar On A Series Of Sophisticated EV Rides

LUCID Motors USA, Inc., a Newark, California “Greenfield Factory” based car company, announced that it was open for business with a series of four-door luxury sedans that would impress under any event circumstance.

The 2022 Lucid Launch Event titled “In the Air – and Beyond” featured the much-anticipated details of Air Pure and Air Touring going into production – the completion of our Lucid Air lineup – an exciting sneak peek of our next force of nature – Gravity – a luxury SUV worthy of the Lucid name – and a first time look at upping the luxury ante with a model named Sapphire.

03:51 – Introducing Pure
13:00 – Introducing Touring
17:48 – Update on Grand Touring / Grand Touring Performance
24:25 – Introducing Sapphire
30:38 – Closing Remarks
35:35 – Gravity

LUCID Air Sapphire – pure luxury powered by pure EV, Image Credit: LUCID Motors (2022)

LUCID Motors is the next generation of EVs. LUCID’s relentless focus on innovation, luxury, and sustainability drives this effort into a reality where one no longer needs to choose between doing great things and doing the right thing — all while building the most elegant, efficient designs the world has ever seen.

Once there were luxury cars. Then EVs. Now there’s LUCID Motors.

… notes from The EDJE

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