September 22, 2023

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E1’s RaceBird Aqua Foil Technology Tapped For First Sanctioned EV Raceboat Championship Series

We are working with Alejandro Agag to make the world’s first race of @E1Series (Electric Sea Racing) to #Venezia! An example of sustainability applied to sport, to experiment with solutions to be applied to boating. At Tesa 113 of @salonevenezia The prototype of the #RaceBird! [as translated from Italian]. Image Credit: Luigi Brugnaro via Twitter (2022)

E1’s RaceBird Aqua Foil Technology Tapped For First Sanctioned EV Raceboat Championship Series

The Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM), the world governing body of powerboating, has sanctioned a new horizon in competition for 2023 and beyond – E1 – based upon the RaceBird water foil platform, the first fully sanctioned electric raceboat championship.


E1 World Championship holds an exclusive license with the UIM to promote a racing series on the water, powered solely by EV technologies. The 2023 schedule of competition events has yet to be announced.


E1’s RaceBird made its first public appearance at the Salone Nautico Venezia 2022. The world’s first all-electric raceboat, combining a sleek and futuristic design with innovative hydrofoil technology – E1.


Cara Delevingne, British model, actress and eco-activist, piloted the electric foiling raceboat at a Gala Dinner hosted at the San Clemente Palace Kempinski


The Venice Racing Team, the first official entry set to compete in the UIM E1 World Championship, announced Gianluca Carli as their first pilot. Currently, the series is looking for 12 Teams and 24 Pilots as an ideal launch to a first series season. The second team to commit comes from Mexico with F1 driver Sergio Perez as its chief pilot.


The “RaceBird” – a single-seater electric powerboat, with two bright green hydrofoils that allow it to glide above the water – and it’s the first prototype racecraft for the soon-to-be-launched E1 Series (old logo). Image Credit: CNN (2022)


RaceBird racing platform breakout. Image Credit: E1 (2022)


RaceBird platform features (L to R above) an electric outboard motor designed and built by Mercury Racing, powered with Kreisel Electric immersive battery technology (to keep them cool), with the boat being lifted above the water surface through wrap-around wing-foil technology to reduce drag and maximize energy efficiency, flown by a single-seat pilot control station enclosed and surrounded by a clamshell safety canopy.


The championship is being established to create a new, competitive on-water racing proposition based on these clean technologies to protect our waters and coastal areas.
Race Format – Image Credit: E1 (2022)


The 2023 racing event series plan that is soon to be announced will feature 12 teams, 24 pilots, during a two-day (Friday & Saturday) event cycle structured with the first day that will mainly consist of shakedown and practice sessions and qualifying, with the knockout heats of quarter finals, semi-finals, and finale taking place on the second day. All events will race against the backdrop of some of the world’s leading cities providing an impulse for an event travel enterprise.
E1 World Championship announced that Formula 1 driver Sergio Perez (“Checo”) will enter a team in the UIM E1 World Championship, which will race under the banner of Team Mexico in the inaugural season of the world’s first all-electric raceboat championship. Checo’s new team will represent the colours of his home nation, with Team Mexico’s pilots competing in electric RaceBird boats carrying the Mexican flag. Image Credit: E1 (2022)


E1’s philosophy has been inspired by the success of other forms of EV technologies racing and how they act as a platform to accelerate the development of sustainable technologies. Series co-founders Alejandro Agag and Rodi Basso aim to apply that same ethos to racing on the water and help decarbonise future leisure boats.


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