September 27, 2023

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Dukosi’s Revolutionary Battery Monitoring Solution Selected As One Of The Finalists For The EES AWARD

Dukosi’s Revolutionary Battery Monitoring Solution Selected As One Of The Finalists For The EES AWARD

Dukosi’s breakthrough chip-on-cell battery monitoring solution, powered by wireless near field communication, has been selected as one of the Finalists for the esteemed EES AWARD. Unlike any other technology on the market, the nominated solution allows cell level monitoring revolutionizing the design and monitoring of battery packs. The EES AWARD is connected with ‘The Smarter E’ trade show in Munich and recognizes pioneers and innovators who are driving advancements in energy storage solutions.

Dukosi’s chip-on-cell solution senses cell parameters 24/7 and enables innovative architectures, such as cell-to-pack by simplifying battery design and manufacturing. Cell data is measured and stored with the highest accuracy and data granularity, doing so while electrically isolated from the high voltage domain. Synchronized measurements of all cells, and edge computing provides scalability and the highest accuracy solution on the market. Therefore, it provides benefits across all forms of ESS applications to the cell, battery pack, and end user throughout its lifecycle – including re-use in second life applications.

By sensing cell issues at an early stage, the solution enables swift alerts and timely maintenance, resulting in significantly improved battery lifespan, efficiency, and safety. This is particularly important in the energy storage industry where minimizing downtime is crucial.

“Dukosi’s mission is to enhance the performance, efficiency, and safety of large batteries in any setting,” said Nat Edington, CEO of Dukosi. “We are proud to be a Finalist for the EES AWARD as our technology represents a significant leap forward in the energy storage industry.”

The nominated battery monitoring solution will be showcased at this year’s The Smarter E. Dukosi is exhibiting at booth B1.275 in the EES Europe Exhibition, part of The Smarter E Europe, at Messe Muenchen, Messegelaende, 81823 Munich, Germany from 14th – 16th June.

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