September 27, 2023

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Volvo EX30 Makes North American Debut In New York City

Volvo Cars continues its aggressive shift toward becoming a fully electric automaker by showing the all-new, fully electric Volvo EX30 for the first time in North America at a gala event in New York City last night. The small yet mighty SUV distills the Swedish brand’s Scandinavian design principles, commitments to sustainability and legendary safety into an espresso shot of Volvo.


Image Credit: Volvo Media

Available now to reserve in the United States the 2025 Volvo EX30 starts at $34,950 (MSRP), enabling customers to get into a fully electric premium SUV for about the same price as an internal combustion engine-powered equivalent.

As the company’s first small, fully electric SUV, the Volvo EX30 expands Volvo Cars’ growing lineup of electric vehicles to four models and will help capture growing demand for fully electric cars in a fast-growing segment.

The Volvo EX30, officially revealed in Milan last month, is designed to have the smallest CO2 footprint of any Volvo car to date, and to make people’s lives safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable through cutting-edge technology and Scandinavian design. A long wheelbase, large wheels and equal front and rear overhangs bring balance and refinement to the exterior. It’s distinctly electric, with a confident face, closed shield and a digital rendition of the signature Thor’s Hammer headlights. Five vibrant exterior colors, from stylish Cloud Blue to bright and expressive Moss Yellow – the latter inspired by lichen growing on rocks along the Swedish west coast – give the EX30 character and personality.

The smallest Volvo SUV offers buyers the freedom to choose the technology that best suits their needs with two powertrain options. For maximum range, the Single Motor Extended Range rear wheel drive variant is the right choice. This option gives customers an estimated range of 275* miles between charges. If performance is the priority, the Twin Motor Performance variant pairs the battery with an additional e-motor on the front axle. This all-wheel drive variant of the EX30 provides 422 hp and takes drivers from 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds – the fastest-accelerating Volvo car ever.

The Volvo EX30 represents an important step forward for the company’s sustainability ambitions. By tackling emissions across the vehicle’s entire production and lifecycle, as well as a considerate use of materials inside and out, Volvo managed to reduce the SUV’s total carbon footprint to less than 30 tons* over 124,274 miles (200,000 kms) of driving.

New Technology Requires New Techniques
Volvo Cars understands people have many questions about electric vehicles and how they might fit into their lifestyles. This requires a unique marketing approach, one that aims to educate and inform in a very personal way. For Volvo this means meeting people on their terms, which is why Volvo Car USA created the Volvo Mobile Studio, a traveling version of the company’s brick-and-mortar studios in New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Stockholm and Shanghai.

Attendees the New York event had the opportunity to walk the Mobile Studio’s three interior lounge areas, listen to high fidelity music from a Bowers & Wilkins sound system, and learn about electric vehicle technology. After the experience they could enjoy a cup of fresh ground coffee from the attached Volvo Mobile Café.

The Volvo Mobile Studio is currently set to showcase the EX30, EX90 three row SUV and other electrified Volvo vehicles at Electrify Expo, North America’s largest electric vehicle festival, through November 2023. A full schedule can be found here


  • The carbon footprint calculation of below 30 tons over 200,000 kms of driving is based on usage of charging electricity from the EU27 electricity mix. The lowest carbon footprint of any Volvo car to date statement relates to globally available products over 200,000 kms of driving.
  • Stated MSRP is for Core Single Motor Extended Range, RWD; certain trim levels may have limited availability. Final pricing and payment terms will be available closer to delivery time at your Volvo Cars retailer. Retailer price may vary. A reservation does not guarantee availability of a select trim.
  • Range figures are preliminary and derive from estimates and calculations performed by Volvo Cars for EX30 and these outcomes are not guaranteed. The driving range, horsepower, and energy consumption under real conditions vary depending on driving behavior and other external factors.

    …notes from SP

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