December 5, 2023

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J+ BOOSTER 2 Brings Industrial Tubular Spark Solution To SEMA 2023

J+ BOOSTER 2 booth backdrop at SEMA 2023 showing all of the pickup and go usefulness of this multiplayer adapter/charger. This portable EV Charging solution is even compatible with household 110/120v outlets and may give one a quick 6 miles of range in one hour. A great solution when one is travelling outside of their normal template of multi-hour charging opportunities. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks – (2023)


J+ BOOSTER 2 Brings Industrial Tubular Spark Solution To SEMA 2023
Kit Tags Along Easily To Smooth Rough Edges Of Random & Vacation Airbnb Style Travels


Once one decides to have their main source of mobility be an EV platform, one accommodates themselves to the existing electric charging lay of the land that allows for a relatively seamless flow of having a vehicle with enough charge, in the high 95+ percentile, in order to enjoy an uninterrupted travel experience. They know where the most open and quick charging stations exist along their planned route from home to where they work, shop, and maintain relationships, and back to home base again, day in and day out.


After a time, this all becomes routine and everything becomes “in its place” for a simple and successful EV experience. Where this comfort becomes a little less available is when one wishes to travel to visit family and friends, or travel for vacation and other outreach experiences that are outside of one’s daily living experience.


Enter the professionally built industrial grade aluminum tube EVSE (Electric Vehicle Service Equipment) portable charger/adapter J+ BOOSTER 2. The portable wall charger for all EV’s. No electrician needed. Charge up to 7x faster, installation-free.


Juice Americas, a subsidiary of Juice Technology – based in Switzerland, has a mission to simplify home and travel charging with the J+ BOOSTER 2, a portable charger designed for level 1 and level 2 charging for electric vehicles. The company employs this charger on their own electric vehicles almost exclusively to assess its performance and durability.


 Hyundai IONIQ 6 World Car Of The Year. Image Credit: Hyundai Motor Corporation (2023)
Plastic components, while a means to a build end, are not a truly professional and serious build for a potential everyday usage. Image Credit: Hyundai Motor Corporation (2023)


The importance of this portable equipment option be included in one’s Electric Vehicle choice has been supported most recently through Hyundai including their portable adapter charging cable with each and every Hyundai IONIQ 6 which was recently named “World Car Of The Year” by a panel of 102 Journalist from 30 countries.


The J+ BOOSTER 2 is designed to endure harsh conditions and significant weight through
 its rugged military-grade casing and robust power output, perfect for the first time user. Image Credit: (2023)


First time owners need to be aware that many plastic, wall-mounted residential electric vehicle charging units lack durability as they simply hang on the wall with no other purpose. In contrast, the J+ BOOSTER 2 is designed to endure harsh conditions and significant weight. This solution, for the first time EV mobility solution user allows for one to have an instant charging station at home before one decides on a permanent station.


In addition, this adapter/charger can also be used at a second home, a trip to a family home visit, even on an Airbnb secure home stay. This industrial strength aluminum tube unit boasts an IP67 rating, providing resistance to dust and water, and it’s robust enough to withstand the weight of a 5,000-pound electric car. This has been tested by running over the J+ BOOSTER 2 with a car on several separate occasions.


Image Credit: Pricepulse (2023)


This level of durability may appear to be a mere novelty, but it proves incredibly practical. These charging units are often situated in precarious locations, straddling the garage or positioned in the path of vehicle tires. With the J+ BOOSTER 2, the fear of damaging the charger is alleviated, addressing a common concern for new electric vehicle owners – we live in a Human world.


Industrial grade aluminum tube houses and protects charging circuitry. Image Credit: Pricepulse (2023)


Ultimately, having control over the options on just how and when one can assure access and capture of the required power for one’s mobility needs is key to a positive experience in EV transportation and its continued use. The smart 1st time EV buyer would be well served to purchase 2 of these – one to keep wall mounted in the garage, and the other in the trunk.


The J+ BOOSTER 2 delivers a robust industrial grade tubular solution at a cost of well under $1,000.00 that protects the flexibility to charge most anytime and most anywhere. A tubular spark with the ability of being one’s first Homebase mounted unit as well as travel companion for use in directed convenience or emergency stress charging situations.


… notes from The EDJE



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