EVHNews.com is the internet’s premier EV-EVH news site for anyone dedicated to the Electric Vehicle & EV-Hybrid vehicles eVTOL-UAV-Flying cars industry including autonomous & mobility semi truck and truck information. This portal will include reviews and resources from global industry leaders, many with a focus on green clean technology and alternative fuels where applicable. This portal is for all to have access to the tools and information available for the future of the automotive, aviation, marine, and motorcycle semi truck and truck industries.

EVHNews.com prides itself on its journalistic credibility and its exclusivity on highly interactive digital new media technology centered on electronic journalism, by maintaining a code of ethics and centering on public trust, truthfulness, fairness, integrity, independence, and accountability. EVHNews.com  is a fact-based journalism news site and supports a greater variety of electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle technology, mobility technology including alternative fuel vehicles for the automotive, aviation, marine, motorcycle, semi truck and truck global evh technology industry.

Unlike many news organizations, EVHNews.com is independent and does not plan to put up a paywall to fund the news. 

EVHNews.com is challenging the norm through a freewill voluntary funding channel of evhnews.com! Through this approach, our plan is to keep access to news informative free to the global audience. 

Any effort worth pursuing takes time, money, hard work, and pride to produce.
For these reasons, EVHNews asks for your help to fund EVHnews Journalists so that they can bring the news to everyone who is interested in Electric vehicles and Hybrid Technology and technology for the future.  

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