December 1, 2023

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EV H News is the most influential news resource to inform you of the advancements of future technology, and the investments in new innovative battery technology for the E-H VTOL Aerospace, EV & Hybrid vehicles, e-aviation, e-marine, e-motorcycle, e-semi trucks, and e-truck transportation industry.

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Stefan Pagnani – EVVTOL Editor-in-Chief
Edmund Jenks – Managing Editor
John Dinkel – EV & Hybrid Battery Technology – Editor 
EV & Hybrid Automotive Editor
EV & Hybrid Aviation Editor
EV & Hybrid VTOL Editor
EV & Hybrid Marine Editor
EV & Hybrid Motorcycle Editor
EV & Hybrid Motorsports Editor
EV & Hybrid Truck Editor
EV & Hybrid Semi & Commercial Truck Editor
EV & Hybrid Photo Editor
EV & Hybrid Pod Cast Host

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