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Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities
By including EVHNews in your marketing mix, you create an association with
EVHNews the utmost trusted Electric Vehicle and Hybrid vehicle news outlets.
You and your organization will enjoy an association with stability and integrity.
EVHNews covers a large area of EVH information, and our audience are among
the region’s most educated, affluent and influential. All online EVHNews website,
radio and video underwriting sponsors receive their company name and a link to
their website on the EVHNews website as well as mentions on EVHNews social
media channels. EVHNews can be funded in several ways – government agencies, foundations, associations, corporate sponsors, and most importantly, from audience donations.
In order to continue to provide access to a wide range of free, high- quality content and news we can always use your support.

EVHNews continues to explore new, responsible ways to expand our funding.
The banners you see on our website are one part of this effort. They are paid
messages from companies that support our online news, podcasts and newsletters.
These companies do not have any control over or involvement in the editorial processes of EVHNews.
While EVHNews makes every attempt to ensure that banners adhere to our specific content guidelines, please be aware that when you click on a banner, you will leave http://www.EVHNews.com These websites may differ from EVHNews editorial approach, technologies used, and privacy guidelines. It’s important that you make yourself aware of other sites’ privacy policies and your browser’s security settings when navigating the Internet.

Corporate Sponsorship
Through partnerships with EVHNews, companies and organizations can reach an
engaged audience by leveraging EVHNews, on-air, print, online, social media, and
Corporate outreach platforms.
Sponsorship of local programming adds impact and prestige to any marketing mix
by associating your company with one of the most respected news brands.

– Understand that companies that fund EVHNews have a commitment to quality
and excellence.
– Corporate partners are industry leader that have the same interest in technology
as we provide the news.
– Would choose to buy a product from a company that supports EVHNews all other things being equal.
– Industry leaders recognize that EVHNews program sponsorships are an effective
communication tool that brings special acknowledgment and appreciation from
customers and EVHNews viewers.

To learn more about how to become a EVHNews Partner and reach our engaged
and influential audience through corporate sponsorship, please contact our
Marketing Department at. marketing@evhnews.com



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