September 27, 2023

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ZeroAvia At 54th International Paris Air Show At Le Bourget from 19 – 25 June 2023

at Le Bourget
19 – 25 June 2023
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ZeroAvia is headed to the City of Light. Join us in Paris to explore the future of zero-emission, truly clean flight and learn more about our hydrogen-electric engine technology.

We will be exhibiting at the 54th International Paris Air Show at Le Bourget from 19 – 25 June 2023. This week-long event presents a great opportunity to engage with our team of experts, for a deep-dive into our technology development.

The race towards achieving a zero-emission future is gaining momentum. As the aviation industry strives to address climate change concerns and meet ambitious targets, our hydrogen-electric powertrain solutions emerge as a pivotal force shaping the future of aviation.  Discover how our advanced technology can support your airline, airport, or community in realizing the vision of zero-emission aviation.
We invite you to visit our booth B207 in Hall 4, where we will showcase the intricacies of our engines. In addition to interacting with our knowledgeable team, we have arranged live talks at the booth to some of our leading executives, which will also be live-streamed on YouTube:
19 June at 13:00 / CEST; GMT+2
Fuel Cell Systems for Commercial Aviation

Presentation by RUDOLF COERTZE, CTO of Hydrogen, followed by Q&A.


Rudolf will walk the audience through ZeroAvia’s fuel cell power generation system for ZA600—the company’s first engine for 9–19 seat commercial aircraft.

ZA600 will deliver zero-emission flight for thousands of regional turboprops, including the Cessna Grand Caravan, Twin Otter and Dornier 228. 

Learn more about how ZeroAvia has designed its fuel cell systems to optimize performance for aircraft.

20 June at 12:30 / CEST; GMT+2
ZeroAvia Live at Paris Airshow –
The most common questions and myths

Presentation by KATYA CONSTANT, CFO, ZeroAvia. Followed by audience Q&A.

Katya is fast becoming one of the most influential CFOs in the climate and impact space, and indeed the aviation industry.  Her role naturally entails exacting questions from those considering investing in the space, to whom hydrogen and fuel cells is a pretty new ball game.

Here Katya will tackle some of the most interesting questions ZeroAvia receives, providing illuminating answers to hopefully convince the visitors to the Airshow and our online stream, of the great opportunity ahead for hydrogen-electric, clean aviation.

20 June at 13:00 / CEST; GMT+2
Developing world leading electric propulsion systems

Presentation by DR. YOUCEF ABDELLI, CTO of Propulsion at ZeroAvia, followed by Q&A session.

ZeroAvia is focused on advancing the standards of electrical motor technology and developing the systems for high altitude environments. In this talk, Dr Abdelli will explore ZeroAvia’s electric motor and inverter technology development on the pathway from 20 seat to up to 80 seat aircraft.

Visit ZeroAvia’s stand B207 to hear more about how advanced electric propulsion technology will transform the industry.

21 June at 13:00 / CEST; GMT+2
The golden era of clean aviation ahead

Exclusive presentation by Val Miftakhov, Founder & CEO of ZeroAvia, followed by Q&A session.

In this exclusive talk, ZeroAvia’s Val Miftakhov will share some of his personal motivations and foundational experiences that have led to where ZeroAvia finds itself today.

Val will provide further insight into the journey towards delivering breakthrough innovation, where he sees the business heading next, and why the delivery of hydrogen-electric propulsion is so critical.

Join Val and the team at ZeroAvia’s stand for more on the origins and trajectory of ZeroAvia.

22 June at 13:00 / CEST; GMT+2
Airports as Hydrogen Hubs

Join us for an exploration of how hydrogen can be a revitalizing force for airports.

Victor will examine how supporting hydrogen aircraft refueling can support sustainability goals and present new clean growth opportunities for airports.

This presentation will look at the clean hydrogen demand presented by airports over the next decade and beyond, and how additional multimodal and industrial uses of hydrogen as fuel will support economies of scale and faster scaling of decentralized infrastructure.

Victor will deliver his presentation in English first, before repeating in French

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Stand B207 — Always ON

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